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"The Diamond," reflections on a meditative exercise (2013).

"N-space, M-space, and Consciousness," information as the basis of physical reality (2013).

"Slices of Life," reconciling different perspectives on life after death  (2013).


"Some Thoughts on John Edward," the star of TV's Crossing Over  (2002).

"More Thoughts on John Edward," the sequel (2003).

"Hits and Misses: A Crossing Over transcript," a last essay on the TV show (2004).

"The Dark Side of the Paranormal," disturbing consequences of psychic research (2004).

"R-101," the crash of a British dirigible - and its aftermath (2002).

"Of Dinosaurs and Phantoms: Some Dubious Phenomena," one of the less impressive moments in the history of psychic research (2003).

"Of Dinosaurs and Phantoms: The Sequel," more on the controversial mediumship of Marthe Beraud (2003).

"The Two Faces of Margery," a look at two ways of reporting the same investigation of alleged psychic phenomena (2003).

"Getting a Rise out of Ectoplasm," some "physical phenomena" in the seance room (2008).



"Why I'm Not a Skeptic," explaining, well, why I'm not a skeptic (2004).

"Flim-Flam Flummery: A Skeptical Look at James Randi," a critique of some charges made by the noted debunker. Includes Randi's  response (2003). 

"Who Will Watch the Watchers?" a dubious debunking (2007).

"The Challenge," James Randi's "million dollar challenge" (2006).

"Unreality TV: 'Psychic Secrets Revealed,'" review of a reality-TV show (2003).


Shakespeare authorship controversy

"Shakespeare vs. Shakespeare," introduction to the controversy (2004).

"The Case for Derby" the alternative candidates, with emphasis on the Earl of Derby (2004).

"Stratford Strikes Back: The Orthodox Rebuttal," the other side of the story (2004).


Ayn Rand

"Shrugging Off Ayn Rand," how I fell into - and out of - Ayn Rand's movement, Objectivism (2003).

"Ayn Rand and Martyrdom," A Man for All Seasons and its appeal to admirers of Ayn Rand (2004).

"Romancing the Stone-Cold Killer: Ayn Rand and Edward Hickman," Rand's strange fixation on a twisted murderer (2005).

"Reversalism: A Philosophy for Living It Up," a satire on Rand and Objectivism (2005).


personal thoughts

"Unusual Occurrences," the strange things that happen to us in our everyday lives (2003).

"More Unusual Occurrences," follow-up to my discussion of synchronicities and premonitions (2003).

"Becoming Your Enemy," a brief meditation (2003).

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