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You may remember Grace Corday … 

Or, as she was known on TV, Amazing Grace. She’s the psychic who can divine your secrets by holding an object belomnging to you in her hand. Psychometry, it’s called.  

Millions of reality-TV fans bought her act—until the debacle in Michigan, when she inserted herself into a missing-person case with disastrous results. Now she’s off the air, out of money, mocked by skeptics and former fans, and being sued by everyone. Her producer and sometime boyfriend has walked away. Her friends don’t take hercalls. Her new apartment has a view of a homeless camp.

The last thing Grace should do is get involved in another criminal case. But when the mother of a missing girl in Arizona begs for help, she can’tsay no. Rescuing sixteen-year-old Riley Kendrick—honor student, star athlete, only child of a single mom—is Grace’s shot at redemption, a chance to prove she’s not the fraud everyone says she is …

Unless, of course, she’s been lying to herself all along. 



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