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Owen Fusterbuster — or in this case his distant ancestor — strikes again! Yes, the not-at-all-famous author of the not-exactly-bestselling sendup of the thriller genre, Die Stupid, is back, this time with an even greater waste of your precious time.

It's Obamandias & Hildebeast, a mercifully brief (50 pages or so) Elizabethan tragedy recounting … well, here’s how the 1569 quarto’s title page describes it: 

"The bloody war between King Obamandias and the Lady Hildebeast, as it was written by Mr. Owen Fusterbuster, Gent., with the pleasant japes of the braggart Brian of Williams, the lamentations of Monica, the merry songs of Bill the Bastard, and the antic foolery of Colbert, the toad. As it has been played several times at the Squat and Gobble by the Lord High Dog-Walker's Men."

All of it is told in rhymed couplets that redefine poetry (downward), with an afterword by noted scholar Arthur Graves Gibbet, author of the monograph "Fusterbuster's Monica: 'Tis Pity She's a Humidor.”

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