Stealing Faces 2013

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John Cray has a secret. For twelve years he has stalked and kidnapped women, setting them loose in the mountains of eastern Arizona, hunting them like animals, and taking their lives. He has left no clues. He is suspected by no one. Or so he thinks.

But now he has a problem. Somebody—a woman whose name he doesn't know—is stalking him.

He plans to turn the tables on his mysterious pursuer. But even Cray isn't prepared to confront the truth when he discovers it—or to deal with the shattering implications of a past he had thought long buried and an obsessive madness he cannot control ...

"Stealing Faces is truly thrilling as well as chilling: I could not put this book down. Reading the first few chapters is like reading the climax for most thrillers and the excitement just keeps building … I thought the lightning-paced thrills were going to give me a heart attack!" - Judith Flavell, The Mystery Reader

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